I am a first year PhD student under the supervision of Professor Tony Carbery in the School of Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh. My research interests lie within classical Harmonic Analysis.
In 2010 I graduated with a First class honours degree (MMath) from the University of Warwick.

Research Interests

I am currently working on a problem related to a recent article by Carbery, Kenig and Ziesler.


  • M. Dashti, S. Harris and A.M. Stuart, Besov priors for Bayesian inverse problems. (Submitted) Preprint



      I gave tutorials for two groups of first year undergraduates at the University of Edinburgh in the following modules

      • Solving Equations: complex numbers, matrices
      • Practical Calculus: methods of differentiation, integration and their applications.
      • Group Theory: basic group, set and number theory.
      • Geometry & Convergence: Co-ordinate and vector geometry, matrices, sequences, series, epsilon-N proofs

I have also taken part in ‘drop-in’ sessions for first year undergraduate student taking maths and maths-related courses.


I tutored a group of five undergraduate students in their first year at the University of Warwick. This took the form of two one-hour tutorial sessions a week, in which their courses were discussed and any problems in understanding the material were ironed out. I was also responsible for marking their assignments for their modules.

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