Front End Event Submissions

I’ve just announced another extension for Event Organiser: Event Organiser Frontend Submissions (or FES for short).

This plug-in allows you to create forms which allow users to submit their own events, which are then published (subsequent to admin moderation – if desired). It makes accepting user-contributed events much easier.

At the time of writing this plug-in is still in beta – but this is where you can help. I simply need people to use the plug-in, and report back with any issues they encounter. As a thank you, you’ll receive a free license key for when the plug-in goes on sale. This will entitle you to upgrades and support for an entire year.

Event Organiser FES is now available for purchase.

For more details, screenshots and to sign-up as a beta-tester, please see this page:

2 thoughts on “Front End Event Submissions

    • Hi David,

      That vulnerability is not present in Event Organiser FES.

      It was present in Event Organiser, Event Organiser Pro & Discount Codes, and these have all received updates (please see this announcement).

      If you think you’ve found a security vulnerability please use this form to let me know, and you’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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