Event Organiser 1.6 – What’s New

1.6 is seeing a lot of improvement in terms of functionality – as well as some additional hooks and functions (documentation will follow 1.6 release). There are also some nagging bug fixes.

First things first..

Beta Testers…. please 🙂

Obviously I would like the release of 1.6 to go without hitch – so I have been, and will be, testing 1.6 before I release it. But the more testers – the more chance we have of catching any bugs. 1.6. is already pretty stable – so if you just want to take it for a spin then feel free – and please report any issues!

The beta version is available on GitHub (dev branch): https://github.com/stephenh1988/Event-Organiser/tree/dev

New Features

Multiple Venues On Maps

Venue maps can be produced in one of two ways:

  • via shortcodes in post/page/event content [eo_venue_map]
  • or via a function for use in templates (echo eo_get_venue_map();)

By default they use the current (in the Loop) event’s venue. But now you can have several locations on one map. With the shortcode use a comma delimited string:

 [eo_venue_map venue="london-eye,edinburgh-castle"]

With the function pass an array:

  echo eo_get_venue_map(array('london-eye','edinburgh-castle'));

As you may have noticed you can also have tooltips for venues which appear when you click the location. I talk about how to do this a little further down. Note that it doesn’t by default list upcoming events – but you can do this by using this script in your functions.php: https://gist.github.com/4190351

Extra Options For Venue Maps

The venue shortcode also supports the following attributes which are used to change the settings of the Google map:

  • zoomcontrol
  • rotatecontrol
  • pancontrol
  • overviewmapcontrol
  • streetviewcontrol
  • maptypecontrol
  • draggable
  • maptypeid – (e.g. ‘ROADMAP’, ‘SATELLITE’)

All but the last take true/false values and default to true. The last accepts a string (see Google map type IDs) and defaults to ‘ROADMAP’.

 [eo_venue_map venue="london-eye,edinburgh-castle" zoomcontrol=false]

With the function pass an array:

  echo eo_get_venue_map(array('london-eye','edinburgh-castle'),array('zoomcontrol'=>false));

Tooltips for Venue Maps

There is also ‘tooltip’ option (defaults to true) which displays a tooltip with the venue’s address.

The content of this tooltip is filterable using the hook eventorganiser_venue_tooltip.. So you can, for instance have a map with venues on it, and the tooltip for each venue lists (and links to) upcoming events at that venue.

 [eo_venue_map venue="london-eye,edinburgh-castle" tooltip=true]

With the function pass an array:

  echo eo_get_venue_map(array('london-eye','edinburgh-castle'),array('tooltip'=>true);

Extra Hooks

These will be documented shortly – feel free to poke me via twitter @stephenharris88 if I forget…

  • eventorganiser_event_color Filters an events colour (HEX code). This, for instance, allows you to colour events according to venue rather than category. See this post.
  • eventorganiser_calendar_event_link – allows you to replace or remove the link from the fullcalendar. See this post.
  • eventorganiser_event_tooltip – filtering the content of event tooltips on the fullcalendar. See this gist.
  • eventorganiser_fullcalendar_event – filters the entire event array before it is sent to the fullCalendar. This is an array that contains the event’s categories, venue, description, colour, dates etc.
  • eventorganiser_menu_position – change where EO appears in the admin menu (default: 5).
  • eventorganiser_widget_calendar_date_link – filters the widget calendar link. See this post.
  • eventorganiser_venue_tooltip – filters the tooltip for venues on venue map. See this gist

Create Venues On the Fly

There is now a ‘+’ button next to the Venue drop-down on the events admin page. Clicking this allows you to create a new venue for this event. The venue is created when the event is saved. A cancel button also appears when creating a new venue so that you can abandon that new venue and select a pre-existing one instead.

Widget Calendar Options

Aside from including/excluding past events, the Widget calendar has options to restrict the events it shows to certain categories or venues.

Improved UI

It won’t be long before WordPress ditches thickbox in core – so in EO I’ll be phasing out its use too. The admin calendar now uses jQuery UI Tabs and Dialogs – which I think looks a lot better. In case you’re wondering what the tabs are for – more tabs will be added by the booking add-on I’m creating. (More on that soon!).

More fullCalendar options

A massive thanks to Pascal Zerr who contributed this. The fullCalendar now accepts the following additional arguments (defaults are also given):

  • axisformat (default: ‘ga’ ) – time format displayed on the vertical axis of the agenda views
  • weekends (default: true’) – whether to include weekends in the calendar
  • mintime (default: 0′) – Determines the first hour/time that will be displayed, even when the scrollbars have been scrolled all the way up.
  • maxtime (default: 24′) – Determines the last hour/time that will be displayed, even when the scrollbars have been scrolled all the way down.
  • alldayslot (default: true’) – Determines if the “all-day” slot is displayed at the top of the calendar
  • alldaytext (default: __(‘All Day’,’eventorganiser’)) – Sets the text for the all day alot
  • columnformatmonth(default: ‘D’) – Determines format of the date in the column headers in month view
  • columnformatweek(default: ‘D n/j’) – Determines format of the date in the column headers in month view
  • columnformatday (default: ‘l n/j’) – Determines format of the date in the column headers in day view

Note that all date-time formats are in php format.

More tags for shortcode & event list widget ‘template’

You can now use %event_content% and %event_title_attr% and %event_duration% were added in previous versions. %event_excerpt% now takes an optional %event_excerpt{30}% (the excerpt length in words). Also%event_thumbnail%now accepts an additional second (optional) parameter: attributes (a string passed to get_post_thumbnail();

Improved Performance

1.6 removes some ‘dead wood’ from the database. Namely columns that have long been deprecated. The date columns are now indexed, which should improve performance of date based queries. Finally there’s been a bit of code refractoring to improve readability and performance. Javascript files have been ‘reshuffled’ and some code duplication removed.

As mentioned there have also been numerous bug fixes – including some styling issues on the front-end calendar and some ICS import issues. Even if you don’t need the above features, I recommend upgrading.

3 thoughts on “Event Organiser 1.6 – What’s New

  1. I’m very interested in this plug-in. Version 1.5.x that’s on WordPress.org currently has some major issues with recurring events. Has there been work done on this segment of the code?
    Thanks for all this work!

    • Hi, there are some bug fixes included in 1.6, but I’m not aware of any major issues regarding recurring events. Have you reported them in the plug-in forums – if not – could you?

      Many thanks,

  2. 1.6 Released | Event Organiser

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