Event Organiser 1.5 – What’s New

1.5 adds some great, and much asked for, features – as well as fixing reported bugs. It’s currently in beta testing. Any volunteers for beta testing are very much welcome!. Please get in contact with me if you are interested.

What’s better:


1.5 sees a massive performance boost for the plug-in. This is a result of some reshuffling of how data is stored – but also due to caching calendars & widgets.


The plug-in now uses the jQuery UI theme being thrashed out here. While not yet ‘official’ this represents the closest thing to the WordPress UI – which means the plug-in looks much more like the Admin UI (though personally, I didn’t think the original theme was not far off…). An added bonus is that the jQuery UI theme used depends on the user’s theme settings (in case you use the ‘classic’ blue theme).

Public fullCalendar

The fullCalendar now looks a bit more like the admin calendar (which is much better in my opinion). I’m working on improving the category/venue filters for this calendar too.

Code base

Functions concerning updating, creating and deleting events has seen a major overhaul and will be accompanied by full documentation that allows third-party developers to extend the plug-in (for instance creating events on the ‘front end’). These will be added to the function reference.

Other functions have been added, and some deprecated (though not removed) – these deprecated functions are giving way to ‘better’ functions. For example the function eo_get_the_occurrences_of() replaces eo_get_the_occurrences() and returns an array of occurrences – each occurrence being an array of start/end DateTimes. eo_get_the_occurrences() just returned an array of start DateTimes.

Event Agenda

You can now group events by day or by month. You can also change the ‘grouping’ date format (this appears for each month / day) and the ‘event’ date format (appears for each event). Obviously for grouping by day, the grouping format should probably contain the date, and for grouping by month, it should contain the month.

There also improvements in how the agenda deals with events with long titles.

Event List

CSS classes (e.g. eo-event-venue-{venue-slug}) have been added to event lists. This will allow for styling according to category, venue, and whether the event has ‘past’, is running, or is in the future.

Permalink options

There is now separate event and archive permalink structure

Venue admin page

More of a bug fix, but the venue admin page now allows you to hide/minimize and move the metaboxes.

What’s New

Add / Remove arbitrary dates

A much requested feature was the ability to add events that reoccur, but not according to any schedule. 1.5 allows you to add or remove dates from the schedule. A ‘custom’ schedule option has been added (in effect this is essential a single-occurrence where dates have been added. All schedules allow dates to be added/removed, but they retain their original label ‘daily’,’weekly’, etc.

Tooltips for the fullCalendar

Another much requested feature. This can switched on/off for each individual calendar using the tooltip=true / tooltip=false attribute.

Adding time format option for admin calendar

The admin calendar now show 12 hour / 24 hour time. See the screen option (top right) on the Calendar admin page.

Added tag:

You can now use %event_duration{'format here'}% in the event list template (widget/shortcode). To display the event’s duration. The format can be anything from here.

Added functions

Here’s just a few of the functions which are being added. These are the result of a massive code tidy up, and although what they did occurred before 1.5 – these functions are now available for use by third-party plug-ins without fear of them disappearing.

  • eo_get_venue_map() returns the HTML for a venue’s map. Can be used within the loop without a parameter or by passing a venue ID (as an integer) or slug (as a string).
  • eo_insert_event($post_data,$event_data) – creates a post of type ‘event’ with occurrences generated from and schedule data given by $event_data.
  • eo_update_event($post_id, $event_data,$post_data) – update an event with ID $post_id.
  • eo_get_event_schedule($post_id) – get an event’s schedule data (schedule occurrence, frequency, start & end dates, included & excluded dates, all day or not etc)

and more!

Added hooks!

In line with my goal of trying to make Event Organiser malleable and extendable I’ll be introducing some actions and filters. These will be documented in the developer section of the plug-in website.

Other improvements

  • Various bug fixes (including for this bug with W3 Total Cache – thanks to Ben Huson for resolving this)
  • Metaboxes on the venue admin page are now moveable, hide-able and minimize-able.
  • Added in a ‘duration’ template tag (for use in the event list shortcode / widget),
  • Separate permalink structure for event archive and single event pages
  • Improved Agenda ‘cut off’ for title (if space doesn’t allow)

As previously mentioned, I’m still after beta testers – so feel free to volunteer :).

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